A downloadable visual novel

The monotype, an off-shoot virtual pet, is being play-tested by members of your company. You have been selected.

An experimental, retro take on tamogotchi-lite games. Will you satisfy Momo's needs or does he need something greater?


  • Original art and story.
  • 30 min for each playthrough.
  • Original ambient, lo-fi soundtrack. 
  • Approximately 9,000 words.
  • 3 separate endings and one secret ending

Rimatoad: Writer, Artist, Musician, and UI

Website - Twitter

Glazed Goose: Programmer and UI


Amaranthine: Musician, Track: Ebb and Flood 

Twitter - Website

Thanks to Rose for the music track, "Weekly Fair"!

Twitter - Website

Release date Nov 11, 2021
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsRimatoad, GlazedGoose
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Ren'Py
Tags2D, Horror, Pixel Art, Ren'Py, Retro, Short, Story Rich, Virtual Pet
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run Momotype.exe. 

If you're running it on mac, you may have to download the Renpy editor and import it in projects in order to play. We've included a mac os application, but if it doesn't work, see link below.



Momotype-2.1-pc.zip 110 MB

Development log


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bloody amazing!! nice work, dev!

-Made a Video,

"Great game, it has some nice writing in it. I actually feel bad for making the bad choices while playing this..."
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This was definitely a surreal experience that I highly recommend, here's my own playthrough for anyone interested:

I like how robust the branching narrative seems to be when you go through it each time; it feels like the game takes into account what your previous choices were in an effective way.

My advice for those who haven't played it yet is to make sure not to use the skip button on subsequent runs like your typical visual novel with multiple endings. It was mostly my fault, but I ended up missing a few interesting details because the game tends to skip over even unseen text (probably because of how the dialogue was programmed).

Despite leaving me a little confused by the end though, I found that it achieved the creepy tone it was going for, and I really enjoyed it. If there are any plans to develop more games, I look forward to it!


Very nice game,i liked it a lot.


Pov: you wished that this existed in real life.


Um so I'm having a problem i don't know how to fix, the texts are unreadable like this. Title screen is fine tho, still have text and all.

Hey, did you change any of the in game settings? What happens if you reinstall the game?

Nope, it's like that from the very first i start it. Had done that, still the ssame.

Word from our programmer is that it’s a native issue with your computer not recognizing the font. Would you mind downloading on Steam and testing to see if it’s the same result? 

I have the same problem, I downloaded it from Steam and Itch.io too and the text still bug. I also install all the fonts I found on the game files and still didn't work.

The text below is in spanish (spanish is my first language)

It's says that "120 files failed to validate and will be required" but ever I play the game after download those files, it crashes and still doesn't fix anything


Hello, check out my recent comment below to see if the fix I mentioned solves your issues!


It's works!

I just started it from Ren'py and it worked \:D/

Thanks for the solution!



this is amazing


if I saw something mimicking my movements other than my shadow I wuld probably challenge it to a tarable dance off.


Made another video


Made a video


Very well done visual story, 30-mins gameplay. Great game!


Well this took a dark turn.


Momo is Mesmerizing

Momo is Mesmerizin

Momo is Mesmerizi

Momo is Mesmeriz

Momo is Mesmeri

Momo is Mesmer

Momo is Mesme

Momo is Mesm

Momo is Mes

Momo is Me


Hi Momo.


Pokemon 30th generation simulator. The story of this game was so great. It shows what happens when we go too far with A.I. Keep up the great work! 

Thanks for playing!


this is so cool and tragic, i went for all three endings but i felt really bad about ignoring momo :(  i like the lore about the state of the world before momo was created, very interesting

thanks friend, glad u liked it <3


well made visual novel :) 



Deleted 309 days ago

that does seem odd. I'll ask the programmer about it and show the video.

He said it may just be an issue with renpy (the engine) that caused the game to bug. If it happens again, please let me know and we'll fix it!


Gave it a Let's Play a short while ago, thought to post it here :) 


Thanks Neco <3!


Really fun game, I agree with the other comments here, the text was a bit difficult to read at times, but aside that I really enjoyed it, good work :)




I really love the aesthetic of this game. The music, narration, and imagery all come together to create a wonderfully atmospheric experience.

One issue I had: The line spacing in the text makes it really difficult to read, for me.

I am curious to how many endings this game has- so far, it seems to have only one. The story makes me feel very sad. Momo is very cute, but his existence was created to fulfil someone else's desires. 

Thanks for creating this game!

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Thanks for playing the game! Yeah, I agree, the spacing for the lines is cluttered.

Unfortunately, when we were late in the dev cycle, all of our assets were at a different resolution than what we intended, so we just kinda had to roll with it. There is only one ending; we intended for there to be multiple, but we didn't have enough time with everyone's schedules :/

Appreciate you playing the game, and thanks for your great feedback!

**update: we have added 2 more endings to the game and attempted to fix the text box spacing!


The game sets amazing story from the beginning, which I was not able to be distracted from, as it's originality and pace just makes me wanna play more and more. Excellent job dev. Amazing. 

Thanks so much for your feedback and glad you enjoyed the game <3